Our first camping trip

While we were moving out of our house and finishing up our jobs, we tested out our Airstream at an amazing place called Lawson’s Landing.  We camped out there for a few days.  When we arrived we found that the ranches nearby had an arrangement with the campground to let the cattle graze.  They were everywhere, it was wild.  We woke up on the first morning to a beautiful beach sunrise and two baby cows on the beach.

Our camping neighbor, Chuck and his family, introduced us to clamming.  He taught us how to find them by looking for the little spouts of water that shoot out of the sand.  We used a clamming tube device made of metal, dug into the sand about 3 feet, then had to get on our hands and knees to pull them out of the sand.  We caught the limit on the first time, and then enjoyed them cooked over an open fire!  It’s a very popular place to fish, go clamming and crabbing.

Bianca loved it, the beach is her favorite place to go!  On our first night there, she chased and got sprayed by a skunk.  Luckily we had a hose on the outside of the airstream for such mishaps.  She also chased a couple cows one day, which we learned quickly is not allowed!  And on the last day she rolled in cow poop, which she absolutely loved.  This was a three baths camping trip for her! 🙂



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