More from the Road

After Malibu we headed up to Santa Barbara to see some old friends from college days.  Enjoyed a nice meal with them at a fun new spot in SB.  We stayed at El Capitan, a very beautiful beach camping north of SB.  We went to a great off leash dog beach at the end of Las Positas Road.  Made Bianca very happy since LA doesn’t really have dog friendly beaches.  After SB, drove up the coast to head to Pismo, and stopped at two great spots on the way.  The first was a bakery with called Bob’s Well Bread, that had awesome avocado toast,  a rather tasty baguette, and other delicious looking handmade breads.  Then we had never been to the Firestone Brewery, so we stopped in to pick up some beers to add to the cooler.  We stayed a night in Pismo on the coast.  We were one block from a beach you could drive on, and cruise around in the sand dunes.  Brian has gone here for years, and drives it like a pro.  I drove in some spots as well, loved it!  I recommend everyone drive on a beach at some point in their lives.

Stopped a night in Discovery Bay and tied one on with our best buds, Jody and Kyle. Always a fun spot to see our good friends.  Love them, and so happy they live the life they love on the water there.  Then we headed back to the Bay to finalize a few things before the long leg of our adventure begins.  We stayed in Sonoma with the folks.  We had a nice send off dinner with them, and our closest family friends – Emily, Corben, Sarah, and Bruce.  So glad they all could come and send us off.  We went to a outdoor winery and had a tri-tip BBQ at my folks house.  On our last day we went out to Henhouse Brewery for beers and Glen Ellen Star for dinner.  Two great places, we highly recommend.

Next the journey led us to Ocean Cove just south of Sea Ranch, a favorite camp spot of ours for years.  We have lots of memories here with friends over the years.  It had been a while, and I had forgotten just how beautiful this spot was.  We camped on the cliffs above the ocean, with a stunning view of the rocky Northern California coast.  The water smells different from Southern California to Northern.  Southern had a warm very full saltiness to it’s air, and northern has a clean crispness with hints of seaweed.

We were married just north at Sea Ranch, and hadn’t been for years.  We took a nice walk around the property and remembered all the amazing memories from our wedding day.  What a celebration we all had almost 10 years ago!  The property is the same which made me happy since I had heard it was bought a few years back, and I was concerned it would be all re-done, and too fancy.  We went up the coast from there to Pt. Arena to go to the cutest bakery ever, where our wedding cake was made by Franny, the cutest baker ever!  So happy she was there, and we got to say hi to her, and bought a bunch of goodies.

Next we headed up the coast to Mendocino and then for the night in Boonville, were we stayed at the Boonville Hotel, and had a fabulous meal – tasting menu style.  This place is something special, and I’d come back here regularly for sure.  Our friend Holden is one of the chefs and spoiled us!  Thanks Holden!  While in Boonville we checked out the Penny Royal Farm, a winery meets delicious cheesemaker combo.  Very beautiful property, delicious wines and cheeses, all sheep and goat cheeses, with the animals living just out the door.



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