Alabama Campgrounds

Gulf State Park – Wasn’t bad, but overrated. We only stayed here one night. It was a huge campground, not really that close to the beach, still had to drive, unless you want to walk a couple of miles in the heat. There isn’t much else in the area, just high rise condos on the beach and crappy chain restaurants. The pool was closed and the dog park was a swamp.  The bugs where bad, there is also no privacy. There are much nicer campgrounds all along Florida gulf coast. Wouldn’t stay again unless I was tired and needed to stop for the night.


Alaskan Campgrounds

Sourdough Campground, Tok – This spot was a fun first camping spot in Alaska.  We pulled in just in time for the sourdough pancake toss competition.  You compete against the other campers for free breakfast while tossing a pancake into a bucket.  It’s harder than it sounds.  You learn about the other travelers and it was a blast.  Spots were pull thru, wooded, and nice after the long drive. Bathroom rating – Poo – tastic!

River Edge RV Park, Fairbanks – While Fairbanks may not be Alaska’s prettiest city, it had a lot of great things to do outside of the city and after the long road we needed rest, and to refresh our supplies in the city.  If you book ahead, get a river spot, sites 15 at the end of the row were on the river, we got spot 1 because we didn’t book ahead.  This place had a car wash which we badly needed after the last 200 miles on the road getting to the Alaskan Border.  We also did all of our laundry here, and there was a restaurant on the water within walking distance. Spots were side by side parking style. Bathroom Rating – Poo – tastic!

Mile 96, The Denali Highway – (Boondocking) – We were supposed to be in Denali National Park at a campground there for 3 days, but when we arrived they told us we were 5 feet too long to fit at the campground (total length should be 40 feet with your trailer and truck, we were 45 feet).  This was a real bummer since we booked in February!  So we moved on, and decided to boondock.  There was a great road for this called the Denali Highway (8), a dirt road highway just off of the Parks Highway after Denali National Park.  We drove until we found a place we loved the view and camped for the night.  A lot of the land on this road is BLM, so you can camp for free.  We had double rainbow, and an amazing view of the Alaskan Range mountains.  We loved it!  Best spot so far! Bathroom Rating – Poo – tastic! Just kidding there isn’t one, dig a hole.

Talkeetna RV Park and Boat Launch, Talkeetna – This was a great spot, about 5 minutes walk into the town.  We camped right on the river.  It was pretty informal here, no spot numbers, you just look for a picnic table and a fire pit.  The man who ran this place was a character, and I enjoyed talking with him.  Talkeetna is a real fun town!  One of our favorites so far! Bathroom rating – Poo – maybe

Mountain View RV Park, Palmer – This place would have had amazing views if the clouds hadn’t socked us in.  It was off a nice country road.  We needed full hook ups to prepare for a possible week or so of boondocking.  Was busy, full and the spots were all side by side parking style. Poo – tastic!

Tolsona Wilderness Campground, Glenn Highway Mile 173 – Love this spot!  All sites are on the river, and there is good fishing here and at the lakes nearby.  Peaceful, quiet, and wooded. Bathroom rating – Poo – kay

Denali Highway Between  Milepost 80-96 – We went back to camp here one more time, since we loved this so much!  There were lots of informal campsites to pull off at between these milepost numbers.  I can’t remember the exact milepost we stayed at, but it wasn’t too far from the one we went to the first time.  I think this is the best stretch for camping – the view is to die for.

Quartz Creek Campground, Cooper Landing – A great spot right on a pristine blue lake.  Totally beautiful! Bathroom rating – Poo – tastic!

Tim and Amy’s house, Homer – They live in a great place, peaceful and quiet.  Bianca just ran loose, and played with their dogs.  So nice to take a break and have a house to hang out in.  Love these guys! Bathroom rating – Poo – tastic! Best out house in all of Alaska, and you can studdy your states as you poop.

Heritage RV Park, Homer Spit – The spit is very busy!  Camping is on the water in a very beautiful mountain setting.  Lots of things were walking distance from this campground.  We loved Homer! Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!

Klondike Campground, Soldatna – Really nice campground, clean, and great facilities for showers and laundry.  It’s not right on the river, but a better looking spot then the ones that were.  Fishing is great around here! Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!

Russian River Campground, Cooper Landing – Love this spot!  You have a very spacious campsite.  The river is a nice walk, and great for fisherman.  Their is a really great hike to a waterfall at this campground.  It’s bear country here, be very bear aware! Bathroom rating – Poo – kay

Porcipine Campground, Hope – Great spot!  Ocean view spots if you get their early enough.  The town of Hope is a hoot.  There is also a campground right on the water in town that looked like fun! Bathroom rating – Poo – kay

Day Lodge Lot, Girdwood – We stayed at the lodge because it was my birthday, but we needed a place to park the Airstream.  They recommend this location, and people camp here in their RV’s for just $10.  My dad stayed in the Airstream that night.  The view was spectacular!  If you are eating at Jack Sprat, it is super close to this spot to camp!

Waterfront Park Municipal Campground, Seward – Totally awesome!!  Always love a spot on the water, but this one had a firepit basically on the beach for each campsite that was just across the foot path!  The mountain scenery here was incredible!  The town of Seward is super cute, we almost missed it thinking the harbor area was town. Bathroom rating – Poo – Maybe!

Haines Hitch-Up RV Park – Great little camp ground stumbling distance from the state fair. Clean and friendly, and a short walk to town or the fair. The fair was a lot of fun, small and local, people come from all over the southwest to go to the fair, most of them just pitch a tent right on the beach. We had a great time at this little fair with great local music, beer and great food. Chilkoot lake campground was full, we would of stayed there and probably will when we return, but with the fair in town I think we got the better option.  Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!


Arizona Campgrounds

Mather Campground, Grand Canyon South Rim – Nice spots with picnic tables and fire pits.  We got a pull through site which was nice because we only stayed one night.  Great for exploring the Grand Canyon and the drive to the village has all the grand views of the canyon!  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic

Kit Carson RV Park, Flagstaff – We visited a friend in Flagstaff, and found this was close to town.  It looked like mostly full timers lived here.  There were some spots in the front for travelers. Bathroom rating: Poo – maybe


Arkansas Campgrounds

Delta Sol Farm – We stayed on a friends organic farm just outside of Memphis.  It was wonderful and we had a great time.  He was a super gracious host, thanks Brandon! Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!


California Campgrounds

Lawson’s Landing – Awesome!  Love it.  If you get a spot at the very end where most RV’s are you pull up and have a beautiful water view.  Lots of people fish, clam and crab to catch here. Bathroom rating: Poo – Maybe

Samuel P Taylor State Park– Nice and iconic in the redwoods, but a bit shady and a super tight fit in most spots for RV’s – Beware. Bathroom rating: Poo – Tastic

Brian’s Mom’s Driveway in Bakersfield – Fabulous, thanks Brian’s mom!  What a view of the front gardens! Bathroom rating: Poo – Fabulous!

San Mateo State Beach (across from San Onofre) – We were re-routed here from the across street’s sister campground, San Onofre which was on the beach and closed.  However, this was nice and more spacious, and likely a lot more quite than San Onofre since that was along the highway. Bathroom rating: Poo – Tastic

Silver Strand State Beach- This spot was on the beach, but extremely crowded and noisy from all the activity bordering the army and navy grounds.  However, we met some really nice folks there! Bathroom Rating – Poo – Tastic (except it was far to walk to when you gotta go)

Malibu Beach RV Park – Totally awesome!  This spot was incredible, we had our Airstream hanging over the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean.  Felt like you could see the ocean curve the view was so expansive! Bathroom rating: Poo – Fabulous!

El Capitan – Gorgeous!  As an RV, don’t book the RV camping zone it is like a parking lot up there.  Just get a regular campsite, there is plenty of space up for medium size RV’s up to 40 feet. Bathroom rating: Poo – Kay

Pismo State Beach- This was our first pull through campsite experience.  Nice and easy!  We were a block from the beach to drive on, and had a blast!  Also, you can take your RV directly on the beach here if you are so brave!!  Some people get stuck, but makes for an adventure. Bathroom rating: Poo – Kay

Ocean Cove Campground – This is an old favorite of ours.  Taking our Airstream here was special.  We have camped here back when we had the 1972 VW Bus, and have tent camped with many friends here.  You are directly overlooking the water, and the views of the coast are something special! Bathroom Rating: Poo – Maybe

Our Friend Amy and Jason’s in Eureka – We love these guys!  They happen to have full hook ups, and were super excited to have us test them out for them! Bathroom Rating – Poo – Mergency – Uh-oh, couldn’t hold it and the backdoor was locked to the house in the AM, finally broke in the Airstream!


Canada Campgrounds

Stacey’s Parents House, Sooke, Vancouver Island – Awesome!  Thank you Susan and Alan!  They made us a fabulous dinner, breakfast, and sandwiches for the road.  Such great hospitality!  We stayed one night in their driveway.  A very nice welcome to Canada! Bathroom rating – Poo – fabulous!!!

Sproat Lake Campground, Vancouver Island

This spot was great.  A nice walk to the lake, beautiful views, an old plane of some sort in the distance, and some rock drawings from the first nations people of the past remains on a rock wall by the lake.  Wooded and lovely.  The ranger here was friendly. Bathroom rating – Poo – kay

Crystal Cove Campground, Tofino, Vancouver Island – This spot is in a cove shared by a few different resorts.  The beach here is amazing!  The amenities here were generous, including free firewood, coffee, tea, games, and movies.  We had two fires on the beach along with many other locals and resort goers.  Beautiful sunsets.  The rv camping spots here were a bit tight and rather wooded. Bathroom rating – Poo – tastic!

Bella Pacifica Campground, Tofino, Vancouver Island – While the last campground was nice, we choose to stay one more night in Tofino and moved just down the road to the spot.  Here we have an ocean view which we missed at the last campground, and saw from a walk down the beach that this spot had.  No free amenities here, but worth the beach view. Bathroom rating – Poo – tastic!

Pan Pacific Hotel, Whistler Village, BC  – Totally cheated and stayed at the Pan Pacific Hotel, a nice break from camping.  A little tough to park our Airstream though.  They recommended Lot 4, but we were too long for the spots that other RV’s fit into and most spots were all taken, so we jacked it into 5 spots, then got a warning ticket.  We moved it into a dirt lot, and were a little worried about it, but came back and all was fine. Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!!

McLeese Lake Resort, BC – Pretty and nice spots right on the lake to pull yourself up against and enjoy the view.  Was cold and overcast when we were there, but I bet lots of people enjoy this lake in the summertime. Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!

Cassiar RV Park, Kitwanga, BC – Good spot to rest with full hookups and to kick off from for the long road ahead.  Not a lot around unless you go further into the Seven Sisters mountains taking you past this junction, or you want to boon dock for the night. Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!

Boya Lake Provencial Park, BC – Loved this spot!!!  The glacier lake was absolutely stunning, and camp spots were right up against the lake.  Brian took out the kayak, and said it was so clear you could see everything in the whole lake. Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Tahkini Hotsprings Campground, Yukon – Awesome, we sooked two times since it was a short walk to the hot spring.  Camp spots were pull throughs with electric only.  We didn’t spend much time at the site.  We went to dinner in Whitehorse at a classic Alaskan style joint.  Whitehorse was about 25 minutes drive from here.  A fun little town with Can Can shows, we might hit up o the way back through. Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Parks – A must stop on your way to and back to Alaska. Even if you are just visiting the parks in the Canadian Rockies I would recommended spending a couple of nights here. The hot spring are the nicest that we have ever encountered a true mixture of man made and the natural. The camp ground, honestly I don’t remember, it’s all about the hot springs. But if you must know, it was nice with well spaced sights. If you can, reserve closer to the hot springs, because it is a walk with both mosquitoes and bears.  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Selkirk Provincial Park – This was a nice spot on Lake Erie.  The campsites were spacious and grassy.  It was nice and warm here.  One of the warmest spots we went to while in Canada.  It was about an hour to Niagra Falls from here, and we went to check it out.  The Canadian side of Niagra Falls is like a cross between Vegas and Hollywood.  It was a lot of fun.  They have fireworks every night and light shows on the Falls.  When you look at a map you will see that is the furthest south city for Canada and hence their warmest climate, so you can see why the area is very popular with the Canadians.  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic

Kill Bear Provincial Park – This was an amazing spot to camp at!  We had a spot on the lake in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.  It was great for kayaking and hiking.  There were also a couple dog beach spots that was great for us to take our dog to.  It was a very beautiful place.  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay


Colorado Campgrounds

Spruce Lake RV Campground, Estes Park – This was a great spot close to Estes Park.  Great view of the mountains surrounding it and a very close distance to go into Rocky Mountain National Park.  The elks were in mating season when we were there, and the first snow was hitting the tops of the mountain peaks.  Just gorgeous.  Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!

Clear Creek RV Park, Golden – This spot was great!  It was walking distance to town, and right on the river where you could enjoy a soak, take a tube down, or just sit by the river.  The spots in here were pretty tight, but it was worth it for the location.  Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!

Bayfield Riverside RV Park, Bayfield – This location was right in between Pagosa Springs and Durango.  Great spot if you want to explore both.  We were there during the holidays, and it looked mostly like full timers were staying here.  The grounds were nice, and lit up really beautifully for the holidays.  Definitely check out Pagosa Hot Springs!  Amazing!!


Florida Campgrounds

Blue Water Key – This place was above and beyond the nicest and most expensive park we have ever had the pleasure to camp. I can’t add enough adjectives to truly do this place justice. We stayed in sight 14 on the canal side, the office recommended this sight when we called, and looking around it is the nicest side that is currently available.  There are lots of sights and they are all individuality owned, so every sight is private and different.  The people who own our sight, as well as the staff, went above and beyond to make this a unique and special place.  Keep in mind we are staying here two months after hurricane Irma, but you wouldn’t know it.  Coming down the middle key it looked like a war zone, littered with piles of debris, blown out trailers, cars, boats, rvs, even a couple of relocated houses, we wondered if this place would be a disaster.  Looks like they had minimal damage. Some of the sights lost there docks and are having the palm fronds replaced on there tiki huts.  The foliage was thinned out a bit, but they have done a wonderful job cleaning it up.  Our sight has a tiki hut with cable tv, five seating areas, one under the hut, a bar, Adirondack chairs, dock side, and a high top table. There are two grills, charcoal and gas, and a outside kitchen. The sight also comes with two kayaks that we took down the canal out into the bay.  We have stayed at over a 100 camp grounds on our around the country adventure and this place is like no other.  The bathrooms are at the pool and along way off, and I think they might only be for the pool.  They want you to use your trailer, well most people here don’t have trailers, more like million dollar motor coaches, but we won’t go there, if you know what I mean.  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park – We arrived at the Coral Reef State Park two months after hurricane Irma.  A lot of the state parks are still closed. We didn’t have a reservation, you need to book the Keys state parks 11 months in advance, but we lucked out and scored the last one after a cancellation.  Went for a kayak through the mangroves which has a canoeing trail that is extremely beautiful and calm.  The hurricane closed part of the park and some of the really cool board walk trail through the mangroves.  The campground was small but clean. The camp spots where as small as they come for state parks, we were right on top of our neighbors.  Luckily they were really cool couple from the Tampa area.  As far as the hurricane damage, the area wasn’t bad, a lot of debris pilled up along the 1, and the loss of some mobile homes, but all and all not bad. The mangroves still had all there leaves, compared to the damage we saw on the middle keys with whole islands striped down to their bare branches and home relocated across the street.  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Jolly Roger RV Resort – We try to only stay at the campgrounds that get four or five stars on  Unless we can’t and then we try to do our best for the time and place. We are usually lucky because we fly by the seat of our pants usually booking places when we arrive or on our drive to our new location.  We might be in Haines one day and then boom six days later we are outside of Baltimore. So when we couldn’t book Coral Reef State Park for a 2nd night and didn’t have a place for the night, we pre-booked sights down on Key West for both Thanksgiving and my birthday, but we needed to kill a night so we ended at the mediocre campground the Jolly Roger. The park has a lot of potential being right on the water with a pool, a beautiful dock and a boat launch, but the sights are small the grass is funky.  For it’s location it fared well for the hurricane and the price wasn’t bad compared to other private campgrounds on the water in Florida where we payed 100 bucks or more.

Little Talbot Island State Park – We enjoyed this state park very much.  Only stayed one night.  It was a little buggy, but we are still getting use to the Florida bugs, which might be worse then Alaska.  Went for a kayak and it was truly beautiful the channel was alive with fish.  Although it can get shallow at low tide, so know your path if you go out.  We couldn’t enjoy the beach because we have a dog, so we drove a little north and let our dog run on Amelia Island.  Also no dogs, but if you can drive on a beach, god be dammed I’m going to let my dog run on it!  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

St. George Island State Park- Beautiful little island close to Apalachicola.  We only stayed one night and would of liked to have stayed a little longer. We didn’t go to the beach at the state park, no dogs allowed on the ocean side, but they were allowed on the bay side.  Down the road there is a beautiful beach where dogs are allowed on leash.  Mosquitoes are a bit much, the campground was on the bay side, over at the beach there where none. We went to Paddy’s Raw Bar for oysters, shrimp and beer.  The place was perfect with fire pits on the bay and live music on a Monday night.  In the morning we went to Apalachicola, cool little old time gulf port town, where we had breakfast at Cafe Con Leche. The campground it self was okay, but the state park was beautiful and the location was amazing. Bathroom rating:  Poo – kay

Presnell’s Bay side Marina & RV Resort – Presnell’s is a great RV park right on the water.  Like most of Florida’s coast a fisherman’s paradise. We cooked ourselves a little low country boil and watched the sun go down over the bay.  Unfortunately this was our first encounter with the little bastards the locals call then no-see-ums, they are worse then mosquitoes and you can’t see them most of the time hence the name.  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort – This spot was right on the ocean, and I mean right on it!  One side is on a beach wall overlooking it, and the other side still has the view even though it is across from it.  The sound of the waves was fantastic!!!  The view and the beach are what you pay for here, the facilities otherwise were just okay.  The spots are close together, but the park wasn’t full and we didn’t have any neighbors for 4 of 5 spots on either side.  The beach was dog friendly and it was great for us and our dog to walk every morning!  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Sebastian Inlet State Park – This spot was right on an inlet where there were lots of people fishing on the shore, piers and boats.  Looked like a nice place for a swim as well across the water in the swimming area.  We saw sea turtles and dolphins.  The campground was on the water, too.  The spots were just okay, and the bathrooms were a little old and funky.  Some spots were undergoing repairs from the hurricane.  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Jonathan Dickinson State Park – Loved this state park.  The staff was very friendly here.  We went in to get a spot for the night, and they let us know we were in an spot that wasn’t reservable online, so we could continue to add as many nights as we liked (max of 12 or 14).  There were two campgrounds, one up top and one down by the river.  The one up top had full hookups and was newer feeling than the one by the river which had water and electric.  However, the one by the river had all the river activities, a small bar, places to rent boats, parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, and looked like a fun place to be.  The two campgrounds were 4 miles apart, so you would have drive or ride a bike to all this if you stay up top.  We were happy we stayed up top though.  We had a spot that felt private on the far side with lots of foliage, I think it was number 17.  This was very close to the town of Jupiter, and the dog beach we went to as well. Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Geiger Key RV Park – This place has a charm to it that makes you feel like you are in the Key West you have been looking for.  You are right against the water with people riding by in boats and kayaks.  As well, people fish right off their campsites.  The bar and restaurant here has a lot of character and characters.  The camp spots are a little funky and close together, but the view and the style of the place make it worth that.  Happy hour is when the bar is most happening and was a blast!  Everyone seems to know each other, and treated us like we had been friends with them for years.

Pensacola Beach RV Resort – This spot was a nice treat.  You practically pull up on the sand!  You are on the water on the bay side.  There was a beach volleyball net and beach chairs for our view as well.  Loved it.  Wish we’d stayed more nights, but we were just traveling through.  We had planned to stay at the state park on this island, but found that it was closed due to a washed out road from the hurricane.  This place wasn’t cheap, but we hadn’t pulled up in the sand anywhere yet and it was worth it!  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!

Manatee State Park – Nice and wooded state park.  The springs looked fun to swim in, but we were there when it was cooler out in early December.  We didn’t see any manatees, but there was a walking path we couldn’t take the dog on, and likely that was where you would be able to see them.  They had a restaurant and grill here and the bbq was smelling good when we walked around.

St. Andrews State Park – This state park was near Panama City, and on a small peninsula.  We only stayed here a couple days, but it looked like there was a lot to do at this park.  I could see staying here a week or more.  There was a lake to view alligators, a long white sand beach, and small islands to kayak around off the peninsula.  Even though there is a lot of hoopla in Panama City, you felt away from it in the nature here.



Georgia Campgrounds

Skidaway Island State Park – We didn’t spend a lot of time here.  We went to Savannah for the day.  Great state park, close enough to town, with moss hanging from all the oak trees like the Georgia on my mind song.  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!


Idaho Campgrounds

Red Fish Lake – This place is truly amazing. There is four camp grounds and a lodge on the lake. We stayed at the Red fish Outlet Campground, it was the first campground on the east side of the lake, we liked it so mush we stayed for a whole week. This campground has a beautiful tree lined white sand beach, no dogs, but no one seemed to care. There is also a off leash dog beach near the lodge and one right next to the lodge where you can sit with your dog on leash. Swimming is great, but cold. The beach at the camp ground is shallow as well as near the lodge, there is also a beautiful beach at the other camp ground to the west of the lodge, with a dice dock you can jump off of, but this one is tents only. Canoeing and kayaking on the lake are top notch, I recommended exploring the other side of the lake, there is hiking waterfalls and smaller lakes to explore. We canoed back and forth to the lodge with our dog witch was a blast. I had and all day experience kayaking and exploring the other side of the lake. And we also rented a small boat from the lodge to cross the lake and went on a hike up to the waterfall with the puppy. The lodge has a great bar, good food, and is a great place to sit out front of on the Adirondack chairs. We where there the first week of September, the week days after labor day. The lake and campground where full, but not crowded, I did here that on labor day the beach was like going to Miami beach. Although it wasn’t very crowded, we did have to stay in Stanley one night at Mountain Village Resort Because we couldn’t find a camp spot, the next day we moved to red fish and scored the only open spot, later moving to lake front when it opened up. It was super smokey this year do to all fires in the west, but I did clear out after a couple of days. The Saw Tooth mountains are amazing jagged and beautiful, and are only rivaled in beauty by the Grand Tetons in the lower 48. Poo – kay Like most state parks it’s a pit.


Iowa Campgrounds

The Reilly Farm – We stayed on our friends Shane and Alisse’s farm twice on our cross country/Alaska/back and forth again with a couple of loop-d-loops in the middle trip. It was truly amazing. Thanks guys, and congratulations! “Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa!” Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!


Louisiana Campgrounds

Pontchartrain Landing Marina and RV Park, New Orleans – When we were pulling up to this place, we were kinda of like holy shit, where are we, is this the right place.  It’s in a super old industrial area.  I thought GPS had sent us array.  However, once they got us to our camp spot, I was happy!  We were on the water with boats in our view.  It’s like one of those places you think looks bad on the outside, but is good on the inside.  They had 24 hour security here, so I felt like all would be well.  They had a restaurant and bar here that was really nice, and there was a pool that looked great too!  We ate at the restaurant twice.  This place was great for exploring New Orleans.  They had a shuttle, and as well “Lifts” or “Ubers” weren’t too bad in price from here.  We took one each night to go out.  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Farr Park, Batone Rouge – This was a beautiful place really close to Baton Rouge.  A little funky following the GPS to it, stick to the main roads.  This campground is on a large equestrian grounds and has a nice ranch feeling to it.  We heard it is packed on football weekends, but we were there on an off weekend, so nice and quiet.


Maryland Campgrounds

Robin and Greg’s house – WOW!  Our relatives have a great life.  They have many acres surrounding the house and a pool!  We pulled up in the driveway it was just perfect.  Not to mention that we all BBQ’d and ate very well.  The community they live in is surrounded by beautiful farms and ranches.  Thanks Robin and Greg for hosting us, and watching Bianca while we went to see a concert!!!  You are the best!  Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!


Michigan Campgrounds

Monocle Lake Campground – This was a great spot!  We took out our canoe on the lake here and went for our first lake swim of the summer!  There was a beautiful lighthouse nearby as well that was nice to visit.  The beaches along Lake Superior in the area, are stunning, white sands and almost Caribbean like waters!  Bathroom rating:  Poo – kay

Hurricane River Campground, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – We were hoping to get a spot at Twelvemile Beach, but missed the last spot there, and we got one of the last spots at this campground.  The campgrounds in the park are first come first serve, so be sure to arrive before noon, and look for campers leaving to grab a spot.  This campground was right on the water, but didn’t have water view campsites.  The beaches here were amazing with white sands and Caribbean like waters.  This National Lakeshore was one of my favorite places to visit!  Bathroom rating: Poo – kay


Missouri Campgrounds

Alex’s house – We actually cheated here.  We pulled into his driveway to park the airstream and stayed in his awesome guest room.  It was so nice better than any hotel we had stayed in!!!  We ate at many restaurants with Alex, and had a great time visiting him.  Thanks Alex for hosting us!!!  Bathroom rating – Poo – fabulous!


Nebraska Campgrounds

Don’t go to Nebraska, drive around this state if you can!


New Mexico Campgrounds

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo – This campground had beautiful views of the valley below, and was 25 minutes to White Sands National Park.  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic


New York Campgrounds

Cooperstown Family Campground – We went to the baseball hall of fame here, and it was a very close drive to town from this campground.  The grounds here were beautiful with large lawns, a lake, and some farm animals, including a peacock.  They had a game room that looked like fun for kids!  Bathroom rating – Poo-tastic


Oregon Campgrounds

Harris State Beach – Incredibly gorgeous!  View of the coast from the front spots.  The rocky ocean coast is spectacular.  Loved walking on this beach at sunset and sunrise. Bathroom rating: Poo – Fabulous!

Tumalo State Park, Bend – You are on the river here.  The lower campground is the closest to the river and more quiet than the upper campground.  You are close to Bend, and it’s a great town to play in! Bathroom rating: Poo – Tastic

Champoeg State Heritage Area – Incredible!  The trees here at sunset had amazing light dancing in the leaves.  The river is calm, and serene.  Lots of open space here for our dog to run. Bathroom rating: Poo – Tastic

Nehalem State Park – Beautiful beach here, many miles long.  Took a 5 mile walk on it in the morning with our dog.  The campground is huge, even has separate campgrounds for people with horses and corals, and a small airstrip. Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!


Pennsylvania Campgrounds

Thousand Trails Campground, Hershey – This place was like a resort for rv campers.  The grounds were huge.  They had a pool, volleyball, mini golf, movies, activities, games, and lots to do all there.  We were visiting our friends in Harrisburg from here, which was about 1/2 hour, but a very nice drive through Hershey, and Amish farm country.  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic


South Carolina Campgrounds

Oak Plantation Campground, Johns Island near Charleston – This was a nice and spacious campground with lots of spots.  It’s 10-15 minutes to get to Charleston, and was a nice place to be near the city.  We spent a lot of time at Folly Beach, and watched our first sunrise from here. Bathroom rating:  Poo – tastic

Skidaway Island State Park, near Savannah – Very beautiful state park!  Spanish moss hanging from the oak trees was very romantic.  The grounds were large, and there were many trails to walk on.  Bathroom rating:  Poo – tastic


South Dakota Campgrounds

Sage Creek Campground, Badlands National Park – This campground was down a dirt road about 10-15 miles in.  Once we arrived it was magical!  There were buffalo roaming right through the campground.  The spots were first come first serve.  It was hot out there, so be sure to have shade of some sort.  There were some shade shelters with the campsites, but not all of them had one.  Bathroom rating: Poo – maybe


Tennessee Campgrounds

Safe Harbor RV Resort – This sight was on the expensive side, eighty bucks, well until we got to Florida where everything outside of the state parks that is worth staying is a 100$ or more. Beautiful sight, stayed on the cliff overlooking Percy Priest lake. Watched the sun come up every morning. Just a twenty minute drive to Nashville. There are also state parks on the lakes if your looking for something cheaper. Poo – tastic!

Lorretta Lynn’s Ranch – We only stayed here one night, but I wish we had stayed more.  It was a beautiful property that is home to the famous country singer, Lorretta Lynn.  She had a museum, shops, horses, cabins, and live music on some nights.  It was a beautiful place, and was full of charm!  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic


Texas Campgrounds

Lake Livingston State Park, Livingston – We got lucky and someone had canceled a spot right on the lake.  It was beautiful!  The sunset colors were incredible here.  Looked like a good spot to go fishing.  This park was in a pine and aspen forest.  We only stayed one night, but I could see spending a long weekend or a week here. Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic

McKinney Falls State Park, Austin – Great spot for exploring Austin.  We had a nice and very spacious campsite.  There were good hiking trails here that looked popular, although we didn’t go since we were mostly interested in finding delicious BBQ in Austin! Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic

Rio Grande Village RV Campground, Big Bend National Park – It was cold when we got to Big Bend, and it had snowed the day before.  We chose to camp here for the power, however, it was just a parking lot, so if you don’t need to plug in I’d try the regular campground.  Bathroom rating: Poo – bummer, was closed for cleaning the hour in the morning when we had to go!  Eeek!

Live Oak Ridge Park Campground, Temple – We visited our friends Lindy and Galen in Temple for dinner and this was a very nice Army Core of Engineers Campground.  The sites were well maintained with very nice BBQ’s and views of the lake.  The laundry here was the cheapest of the whole trip, $1 per load.  I only spent $4 to do 2 loads, dryer and all.  Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic



Washington Campgrounds

Beacon Rock State Park, Near the Bridge of the Gods –  This campground is on the Columbia River, and one side is Oregon and the other side is Washington.  The Oregon side felt too close to the highway, so we choose the other side.  This campground only had 7 spots, very quiet.  A train goes by, but isn’t too loud, kind of a nice low hum. Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!

Whillabey Campground, Lake Quinalt – This campground was on a beautiful lake.  It was a 1 mile walk to the historic Lake Quinalt Lodge, which was definitely worth checking out!  Our site had a nice lake view was a bit of a tight squeeze, well worth it though.  There was an RV overflow area that could be easier for some. Bathroom rating: Poo – kay

Fort Warden State Park, Port Townsend – This was on the sound, and was an old army fort that is similar to the San Francisco Presidio.  Our campsite was on the water which we recommend over the forest campground. Bathroom rating: Poo – tastic!

Cabelas, Lacey – This was our first store parking lot camping experience, and it was great and free!  We stayed in lot G, which is the RV area.  There were 5 other campers in the lot with us.  They had a horse corral and a pay dump station.  When we woke we went shopping so no so free anymore! Bathroom rating – Poo – kay You have to wait for the store to open

Vasa Campground, Lake Sammamish – This was on a beautiful lake.  The spots were really tight, we couldn’t open our awning up we were so close to our neighbor.  The proximity to Seattle was what we were looking for.  Great if you plan to spend more time in the city than at the campground. Bathroom rating – Poo – kay

Deception Pass, Whitdbey Island North End – Spacious campground in a beautiful state park.  We stayed in the forest loop, and there was a large wind storm while we were there that took down a couple trees.  From our campsite it was about a 1 mile walk to the beach.  There was an active navy airbase in the area, and you could hear planes going by.  Bowman bay loop here is supposed to be the nicest loop, but we couldn’t get into that section. Bathroom rating – Poo – tastic!

West Beach Resort, Orcas Island – Awesome!  Love this spot.   Our campground was very spacious!  There was a mix of cabins, glamping tents, rv sites, and campsites.  The water views here were incredible with a long pier with a marina and amazing sunsets.  There was a store on the water that had local beers on tap, ice cream, lattes and so on.  There was a large fire pit on the water that gets lit on the weekends for roasting marshmallows.  The cabins on the water looked like a lot of fun, and I’d go back to this spot in the future for sure!! Bathroom rating – Poo – tastic!


Wisconsin Campgrounds 

Mark and Karen’s house in Portage – Awesome, we stayed in the airstream in there driveway. They cooked us dinner and fed us wine. Thank you!  They are also more fun then the kids, don’t tell!  Bathroom rating: Poo – fabulous!


Wyoming Campgrounds

Upper Teton View, Bridger-Teton National Forest – Fabulous!  We boon docked here for almost a week, and had the most spectacular view of the Tetons.  Everyday the view was more and more beautiful.  We had the first of the snow that hit the mountains and it was one awesome view.  One of our best camping spots of the trip!  And it was FREE, free to camp here, FREE, the best thing in life are truly free. Bathroom rating: Poo – No, there isn’t one we held it until we got into the park.


Bathroom Rating System:  Trying our hardest to not use the Airstream Bathroom for numbers 2’s, so we are rating the campgrounds bathrooms along the way as well.  The system is as follows.

0 – Poo – No

1 – Poo – Mergency

2 – Poo – Maybe

3 – Poo – Kay

4 – Poo – Tastic

5 – Poo – Fabulous!