Just have to say after traveling across the whole country I am very proud to say that our country has come a long way with the local organic food movement.  We have been able to find natural food stores and organic markets across the whole country, many of them small and independently owned.  Originally we thought it would be tough outside of California.  We also enjoyed many great farmers markets across the country, small and large, all creating community.  When we couldn’t find either of these we found grocery stores, like Safeway, even as far as Fairbanks, Alaska had organic, non-gmo, gluten free and natural food options.  I am really proud of our country.  You vote with your dollar every day, and it is showing across the country that this movement is impacting the whole nation.  Go America!


Farms and Farmer’s Markets

San Rafael Civic Center – Marin Farmer’s Market (one of the best in the country!)

Petaluma – Green String Farm

Los Angeles – Hollywood Farmers Market

San Diego  – Chino Farm

Arcata – Arcata Farmers Market

Hippie Marts

Fairfax – Good Earth Natural Foods

Cornado – Bonnie’s Bayside Market

Malibu – Pacific Coast Greens

Pt Arena – Arena Market

Arcata – The North Coast Co-op


Hippie Marts

Bend – Market of Choice

Eugene – Natural Grocer


Farmers Markets

Seattle – Ballard Farmers Market

Hippie Marts

Mt Vernon – The Skagit Valley Co-op

Orcas Island – The Orcas Food Co-op



Coombs, Vancouver Island – Goat on Roof Old Country Store


Hippie Mart

Seward – Frontier Trading Post

We will add more soon from the other states we’ve gone to!